Sampler 2 + Next steps

I’ve left this blog alone while I finish my studies, letting the 3d viz work hibernate for a while. This is not to say that I haven’t been busy. Completely the opposite! There is a fair amount of new viz work that I haven’t posted, mostly due to NDAs and a general wish to tweak things a bit more, as is always the case with commercial work that’s based on hard deadlines. I also would like to focus on posting mostly personal work, as that would be the truest expression of what I seek and how I work, not to mention an excuse to delve more heavily into all the stranger and darker ideas that sometimes make an appearance in my work.

More broadly, however, and looking more seriously at the future, my work in commercial 3d visualization is winding down. What started off as a side-project and a love of creating images evolved into something surprising and enjoyable, and I have had many amazing clients and friends to thank for that. Their trust and faith in my work has been instrumental in its development. However, the main thrust of my work and interests has been concurrently plowing forward and the time is coming very soon that all other side-projects will have to fade away or else be somehow re-appropriated into the main body of my work.

This does not mean that I will not be making images or constructing digital environments. On the contrary, I will be doing more so than ever, except their focus will veer away from the commercial visualization market and target more speculative and design-orientated aims. Commercial 3d visualization is just one tiny subset of a much larger conversation about technology, representation, the (constructed) environment, and how we as social actors are involved in the dialogue with the world and with the objects we make. There is much to be done. Architecture exists far beyond the images that congest contemporary media, despite many built examples that may suggest otherwise. It must be reconsidered beyond the image-on-the-screen, further to the image-in-space, to a broader consideration of the suffusion of technology in contemporary spatial experience.  Digital modeling and simulation venture beyond the display, further to the worlds of sensing, documenting / observing, fabricating and interacting, and it is in this arena that I hope to place my work.

If this is enigmatic, it is not on purpose. There will be more to come as it develops.


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  1. pixel Says:

    That’s really exciting to see someone going a bit away from commercial imagery into unexplored field. The images are enigmatic, indeed, but are sparking my interest !

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