Mood Study

February 16th, 2011 by tsvilans

A set of images I did over the Christmas holidays, inspired by a sunny afternoon spent lounging around and doing nothing. Other than a technical exercise in detailing and texturing, I tried to capture a very specific feel, in a small way to remind myself why I got into arch. viz in the first place. Beautiful photographs evoke atmospheres and moods, arch. viz should be no different.

The first image is what it’s really all about, the other two are the bastard offspring.

Center For Architecture

January 3rd, 2011 by tsvilans

I recently (before Christmas) helped out a friend with her thesis project which involves the design for a Center for Architecture here in Ottawa. Ottawa currently does not have a dedicated institute for our profession; currently we have to skip over to the CCA in Montreal to get our dose of architecture-related stuff or even farther. The chosen site, located downtown right across from the courthouse and city hall, is currently occupied by a parking lot.

I turned these images (4-5 in total) out over a weekend, having to deal with tight studio deadlines (oh, the memories) and a pretty rough design. Everything except the trees was modeled by me as the reference models for the furniture and fixtures turned out to be complete garbage. All considering, I was pretty satisfied how they came out.


November 11th, 2010 by tsvilans

I finished this image a while ago as part of a set for a new building/large addition for a local university campus. This one was the ‘most complete’ as the project was summarily put on hold for some pretty extensive re-designing. Once the new design gets hammered out maybe I’ll be able to revisit it and see what else I can do with it.

Other than this, I’ve been extremely busy over the past two months both with arch. viz stuff and another interesting project involving eyeballs and moving things. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more new stuff in the next little while. I’ve never really had any issues with ‘release permissions’ by clients, though now it seems to be picking up, which is to be expected, I guess, since the projects are getting bigger and bigger. It’s the difference between doing work for something that’s already being built and something that’s still being designed or even pitched to the client. Until it’s the real deal and the ink has dried, the work stays under wraps.

On the go right now: renderings for a competition entry in Kuwait, general housekeeping, final tweaks on another project for a college building and a wee little bit of time for some personal stuff that may someday see the light.

Well, I`ll be damned!

June 30th, 2010 by tsvilans

Wow! So a few of my renderings (the 93 Tram Rd. apartment set) have been gathering some pretty serious acclaim in a couple of places since I posted them a couple of days ago.

Firstly, they made the front page yesterday/today which is a pretty huge step for me as that is one of the most popular arch. viz communities with professionals from all over and a high standard of excellence. The work there has always been a huge source of inspiration and (I won’t lie) envy for me, so it feels great to be noticed there.

Second, I just found out that they were also selected for the Visualization Pro of the Week over at which is an honor, seeing as that highly distinguished site ties together about 33 000 visualization professionals, architects, artists, etc. Its close ties to the AEC industry make it a very valuable resource and a good measure of current standards of quality in professional arch. viz.

Third, a while back one of the renderings in that set also snagged a Daily Deviation over at which was another first for me and another great moment.

So, many many thanks to all!

I’ve also agreed to write a ‘making of’ for Ronen Bekerman’s architecture blog both because I owe him one from the GH House time and because he’s doing an awesome job of putting loads of cool work and invaluable knowledge at our fingertips through all the interviews, tutorials and competitions he hosts.

Finally, here are the 93 Tram Rd. renderings:

Auburn Road

April 17th, 2010 by tsvilans

This is an older viz work for Spec Property Developments in Melbourne, Australia. I think this is from last November or so…

A while back anyway. Pretty standard project: turn a set of drawings into a set of pretty pictures for marketing and such. I was looking at the work of REDVERTEX and MIR when doing the photo-composite, I love the bleached look they have in a lot of their projects, especially MIR.

There were a few more images, but these two are the only ones I can find right now.